7 steps living your highest potential

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7 steps living your highest potential

Did you know that when we are born we actually have and use more parts of our brain than any other time. Society causes us to live like the rest of the world and that causes some of the most important parts of our mind and brain to go unused. But the good thing is that we can start today using those parts again so below are 7 Steps to Living Your Highest Potential

7 steps living your highest potential

7 Steps living your highest potential

To be consistent and to be prepared, I recommend having a dedicated notebook, a pen and a quiet place to ask yourself some questions and answer them. For this step, its better to get in a relaxed and focused state of mind. Try a little breathing technique I use, inhale for four, hold for four, exhale for 4 (3x). Then ask and answer the following questions or if you have other similar ones that will work to.

  1. Finding My Potential
  2. What are my goals
  3. Focusing
  4. Take Action
  5. Commitment
  6. Smiling
  7. Never Stop Learning


Finding my potential

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I enjoy doing most?
  • What am i great at?
  • What do people always come to me for when needing advice?
  • What are my best qualities?
  • What is my strength and my weakness?

What Are My Goals?

Write Goals Down- It is important that they are written down in your notebook. You will refer to these daily. Write down all your wants, the realistic and non-realistic. It is important for knowing where you need to build and where you start. By having these written down, you can instantly refer back to them.

Focus On Those Goals

Start of by focusing on the goals that you fully believe are achievable. The more you believe you can do it, the more motivation there is to do it.

Break the goal into doable steps

Let’s say you have a goal to be happy in life, Break down the steps that it would take.

For ex. In order to truly be happy I must learn to forgive, I need to be grateful, Self love is a must, and Gratitude.

Set Daily steps that are focused on accomplishing the goal.

Take Action

You will be glad you did. There is always great excuses as to why we can’t do something, but going through the uncomfortable is the path to the comfortable.


It is such an important step in the process. You have to self-discipline. It isn’t always fun but oh its so worth it. This is where having a notebook dedicated for your goals and wants comes in handy. It makes it more easy to stay organized resulting in a grater chance of commitment.


7 steps living your highest potential

Smiling has the ability to change your entire mood. It is backed by science and research.

Have love and gratitude for everyone and everything. Start off small if this is a big step. But here is where you begin to accept yourself, as well as loving yourself. By loving yourself to the fullest, you are less stressed, happier, think clear, etc….

If being grateful and showing gratitude is something that you are working on, start small. I know how hard it is to feel gratitude in the mist of storms. Be thankful for the goals that you have. The fingers and hands that are working for you to let you right those goals down. Be thankful for the wonderful nature and the fruits and vegetables that grow from the ground. Or the feeling of relaxation. It is the small things that mean the most. So by being aware of things like the examples above or just whatever you would normally take advantage of.

Never Stop Learning

It is simple but often very overlooked. Think about it this way. Most people finish high school or college and obtain a job. That job is where they end, Therefore, they see no need in continuing to keep educating themselves. Not everyone but many people end up this way.

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