Finding Meaning In Your Life

August 3, 2018 0 By admin
Finding Meaning In Your Life

Your down and confused. I get it, you don’t know where to go or what to do. Someone will be mad either way you go, so what is the point, huh? Well the point is this. We get one simple short life. That is it. We must make the best of it no matter our past or circumstances. So lets start finding meaning in your life so that  you can start feeling fulfilled.

Finding meaning in your life

The Secret Word To Finding Meaning In Your Life is “NOW”

We are all so busy with worrying about the future or holding on the past that we forget about the now, the present time.

The NOW, the present time is actually where we can take actions and start improving and building for the future. That will release the worrying of the future. As far as the past goes, we have to learn to let go. We all have hurt and we all have some kind of happiness. However, which one you choose to focus on is usually the hurt. Why? I don’t have all the answers. I do know though that hurt scars and maybe that is why we can’t forget it. The important thing is that we can change it. We can’t take memories away but we can change how we approach them. What I mean is that we have the power to change the way we feel about them and by using perspective approaches we can actually change our entire life and all for the better.

2 ways/tools that can assist us in our journey of finding meaning in life:

  1. Meditation – becoming aware of everything but attached to nothing. Wanna know more about what meditation is? I explain it in this post What is Meditations?
  2. Practice living the Now– As stated above, by living in the now there is no expectation. You are simply living today the best so that tomorrow will be created because of your best today.

What does it mean to find meaning in your life?

Fining meaning in life

I think that everyone has a different meaning. So for ex, Personally to me, finding meaning is:

  • forgetting about what society has taught us.
  • living daily in your own belief of how life should go.
  • setting goals and accomplishing them.
  • being grateful for everything including your toes.
  • doing what makes you happy without regret or worry that you will upset someone’s life.
  • giving with expectation.
  • never forgetting that “This Too Shall Pass”.
  • about doing good based on what good is to you.
  • about awareness and understanding.
  • about finding what you think meaning in life is supposed to be.

What is your definition of meaning?

 Do today what you want to be remembered for once your gone!

If meaning to you is contentment then find your happiness. How would you want to help people if you had the opportunity? When you have that answer, take action to start helping. Because in all reality finding your meaning in life is finding what brings happiness to you. Do today what you want to be remembered for once your gone

I hope that I have brought a little bit of understanding to you. And Wish you all the best on your own journey to finding your meaning in life.

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