What is Meditations

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What is Meditations
  • Meditation! It is one of the sweetest words there is. Once you experience the act of relaxation that comes with proper meditating you will see the sweetness also. I wanted to put my own definition to it as I think it will be better understood this way. So What is Meditations?

What is meditations

The joy of knowing our own mind and its potential is like no other feeling in the world. So to give the full understanding of your best growth


Meditation is simply the practice of walking around real life being mindfully aware. Noticing anything and everything without getting attached to anything. There are many many different kinds of meditations. You can get guided meditations or you can find music to use as a deeper connection when self-meditating.

What is Meditations Good For?

One of the greatest things about meditating is that the benefits are amazing in every single aspect of your life.

From depression to help finding your purpose in life and even all the way to addiction, Mediation is the safest and a very effective alternative to chemical filled medications.

Because of the level of relaxation and possible perspective changes, the benefits of using meditation is phenomenal. Here are just some of the things it can help with.

  • Depression and anxiety ( also safe for pregnancy)
  • Life purpose ( Helping to find your purpose)
  • Addiction ( Treating addiction with meditation is very underrated) I have personally helped my younger sister using meditation as a tool for withdraws.
  • Habit Changing –  Meditation for 21 days can change habits.
  • Stress and Mood – Meditating every morning can affect your mood for the entire day.
  • Concentration– One study found that the amount of gray matter in the brain increased largely after a group did guided meditation for 8 weeks.
  • Psychiatry Research
  • Focus, attention, and the ability to work under stress
  • mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Makes pain more manageable – Actually, one study shows mediation to be better on pain than morphine.

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There are many many more benefits but this gives you an idea of how powerful our mind is when used at its highest potential.

Are you ready to experience it? If so, I have included a video to one of my favorite short guided meditations. Let me know your experience if you try it. I think you will be happy with the results.